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What is Colocation?

A physical facility that offers space with the proper power, cooling and security to host businesses’ computing hardware and servers.

The benefits of a colocation


A colocation data center adheres to strict physical security protocols and also offers protection against cyberattacks.


Additional data center space is usually available if you need it, which means that a colocation data center can accommodate growth.


Leasing space in a colocation facility is less expensive than building or expanding a data center.

What to Know About Colocation

shared facility

With colocation, companies share the cost of power, cooling, communication, and data center floor space with other tenants. It is cheaper than building a new data center.

best for businesses

It is best for businesses that require full control over their equipment. Companies can maintain their own equipment the same way they do when servers are installed in-house.

addresses the limitations

It addresses the limitations of an existing data center. Instead of building a new data center, businesses can simply augment their current data center by using the space in a colocation facility.

higher levels of bandwidth

It can provide access to higher levels of bandwidth. Housing data hardware in a colocation data center gives companies access to higher levels of bandwidth compared to a normal office server room at a much lower cost.

higher reliability

It has higher reliability. Data centers in a colocation facility are more reliable. They offer greater protection from power outages because of the numerous data backups in place and provide low-latency networking options.

physical protection

It provides higher levels of physical protection. Colocation centers apply more stringent measures for securing data such as CCTV monitoring, private suites, mantraps, fire detection, and suppression systems.

High Cost of Downtime
& Revenue lost due to downtime

Businesses can benefit from eliminating the expense of in-house server space. They can utilize our data center. We deliver the network redundancy, security, backup power sources, and support companies need. 

Flexible Scalability 100%
Interconnectivity Options 100%
Better Uptime Reliability 100%
Improved Resource Allocation 100%
Enhanced Security and Compliance 100%
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