About Us

Who We Are?

In 1985, MWVS started as a video production house & specialized in small local clients that grew into national clients. As tech evolved in 1997, MWVS moved into internet broadcast. We witness all local TV stations move from the analog to the digital world with multi-channels and different programming. Again tech evolved once more with the introduction of cloud computing in 2006, and in 2010, we again moved in that direction. In 2024, we have witness the full circle of tech with the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things), where everything is connected to the internet and controllable from your mobile device. Also with the new Ai models being able to generate text & video on their own, this will change the world of production services forever. We now look forward to seeing what can be done with these new tools, so join us on our YouTube channel to explore the world of Production Tech.

Our Commitment to High Performance

At MWVS, we prioritize high performance and reliability. We constantly upgrade our hardware and communications infrastructure to ensure our cloud computing products remain at the cutting edge of server technology. This allows us to give our valued customers the fastest processing and reaction times.

With servers operating in ten global locations, MWVS utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including 600Gbit bandwidth, Solid-State Drive (SSD) hard drives, and Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade Lake processors clocked at 2.7GHz+ with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

A Comprehensive Range of Products

MWVS has developed a comprehensive range of scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure products. Our offerings include Cloud Servers, Cloud Block Storage, Private Cloud Networks, Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud Firewalls, Fully Managed Cloud, and more. With our two decades of experience, we don’t aim to specialize in just one cloud computing element. Instead, we provide you with everything you need. Our prices are competitive, our quality is exceptional, and our products offer unparalleled flexibility. Furthermore, we take pride in providing a highly interactive service, becoming an integral part of your team, and assisting you in achieving your business goals through our expertise and commitment.

Flexibility at its Best

At MWVS, our products are designed to be flexible and cost-effective. You can try out our products and easily make changes without significant costs. Our philosophy revolves around flexibility, allowing you to cancel and pay for any product by the minute. Our motto is “probably the most flexible cloud in the world.” You can purchase any of our products at a low price for a short period, use them for as long as you need, renew them if they suit you, and make changes if they don’t. If you no longer require a product, cancel it without asking questions.

Always Available Support

MWVS is committed to delivering enterprise-grade service to all our customers at an affordable price. Our team consists of skilled and dedicated administrators available on our helpdesk 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may encounter. We take pride in our unbeatable response time, expertise, and commitment to your success. For more information, please visit MWVS support.

Leaders in IaaS

MWVS has embraced and adopted the latest advancements in global communications technology, making Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) a reality. Our IaaS offering provides the highest level of performance at a mass-production price. Just like electricity, internet, or telephone services, MWVS’ Infrastructure as a Service is readily available without additional installations as long as you already have access to these three resources.