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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “There is a lot of discussion regarding the issue of cloud security. Are cloud servers less safe than physical servers on our premises?”

A: Not. Cloud servers are just as secure, if not more secure, than on-premises servers. Concerns about cloud server security are based on misconceptions. Here’s why cloud servers offer robust protection:

  1. Internal threats: Data theft or disruptions often occur from within organizations by individuals with authorized access. The physical location of the server doesn’t impact this. MWVS’s cloud services protect against such attacks, implementing safety measures that are cost-effective and quick to deploy.

  2. External threats: Hacking attempts target servers regardless of their physical location. The vulnerability lies in security practices, such as weak passwords. Cloud servers are no more vulnerable than physical ones.

  3. Physical security: Modern data centers are purpose-built facilities with high-security standards. They employ extensive security measures to safeguard data and systems. Purpose-built data centers are designed to withstand threats like natural disasters, making them more secure than on-premises servers.

  4. Encryption: Encryption is standard practice for securing sensitive data in transit, whether on a cloud or office-based server.

  5. Simplified security management: Maintaining security for your server infrastructure requires ongoing effort and resources. With MWVS’s cloud server services, you can easily update software, add security features, and monitor your system with user-friendly tools. Managed cloud services ensure your infrastructure remains secure at a lower cost than maintaining your security team.

Q: “How does the performance of cloud servers compare to dedicated servers, considering that cloud servers are virtual and share resources?”

A: Cloud servers are virtual but not shared resources. The central computing components, CPU, memory, and disk space, are allocated from a dedicated pool for each cloud customer. Once issued, these resources are solely available to the system owner. Virtualization allows for flexible allocation of resources.

Within data centers, communication channels are optimized for speed and reliability. Cloud servers leverage cutting-edge technology, including redundancy, to ensure fast and reliable connections between the server and users. In terms of performance, the cloud outshines dedicated servers.

Q: “Can a cloud server work for enterprise applications, or is it primarily for web applications?”

A: Cloud servers are suitable for various applications, including enterprise-level ones. MWVS offers Linux and Windows systems that allow you to install your existing applications just as you would on a regular dedicated server. Clients can connect to the cloud server using standard connections, such as VPN or HTTP, with or without SSL, regardless of the application type.

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