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Dedicated Servers

What is a Dedicated Server?

With dedicated server hosting, your website has its own unique server. This allows your site to handle increased traffic, provides security for your website, improves page loading times, and gives you full control over your server.
Dedicated servers also provide benefits such as RAM, storage, computing power, and more!

Dedicated Server Features

Free Migration

Transfer your server and set up your Operating System (OS) at no additional charge.

Airtight Security

Private peering network, and routine monitoring by our expert technicians.

Server Management Options

Take control of your dedicated server! Choose from three management options: User-Responsible, Basic, or Complete, to select your preferred level of involvement.

Optimized Network

Forget costly downtime or slow loading speeds! Your dedicated server will operate on a separate Cisco/Juniper-powered network that connects to Level3, Highwinds, HE, Cogent, and Integra. Your server will be well-equipped to handle an influx of website traffic!


Most frequent questions and answers

Dedicated hosting is the practice of separating website servers for one another to allow users full access to configure their server as it best suits them or their business. This type of hosting provides users with the most resources, allocation, privacy, and control of their servers without affecting other users.

● Control over your server
● Privacy
● Predictable and stable performance
● Best suited for high-traffic websites


● Servers start at 2GB of RAM
● Fewer available resources
● Shared hosting

Dedicated Hosting:

● Servers start at 4GB of RAM
● System management and protection
● All resources are designated to your site

Getting started is easy! Simply select one of our hosting packages based on your website’s needs and follow the prompts and instructions. We offer three packages:

● Standard
● Enhanced
● Premium

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